Renegade Fender Supports

Gen 2 Renegade EXTREME HEAVY DUTY Fender Supports

Replace those weak factory fender supports with our NEW EXTREME HEAVY DUTY supports and never see your fenders sag and droop again from piles and piles of mud and sked! The OEM supports might be great for riding around the dry trails or the farm, but when you go hard core, they will eventually bend or break.

These new EXTREME HEAVY DUTY supports will keep your ride looking proper, and hold more than enough mud and skeg so just keep piling it on and play as deep as you want!

Option #1



Customer to use their original factory OEM hardware for installation

Option #2



Installation hardware and rubber fender supports included

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Rubberdown Customs, or its owners, will not be held responsible for any damage to your machine, or personal injury as a result of adding one of our products to your machine. With any lift kit, big or small, the center of gravity on the machine is increased and caution must be taken when riding.

Any product that does not meet your satisfaction can be returned within 15 days for a refund less 20%, this 20% is only to cover the cost of shipping and handling on our end and possibly re-powder coating or re-anodizing the items to refurbish them for re-sale,  HOWEVER, on anything made completely custom, such as conversion wheel spacers for example, or custom laser engraved parts, there is no return policy on items like this, these custom “made to order” items are made to your specifications and we would not be able to re-sell these types of items. If any part of our lift kit ever breaks, we will rectify the problem immediately and re-send you a replacement part ASAP, we have yet to do this as we build the strongest ATV lift kits you will ever find in a 1-1/2” to 3” size range.

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